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Tax Consultancy Shadow Market

Why using tax consultancy services of entities without a proper license is not worth the risk?

Persons practising without a license ask bargain prices for their services because those in the shadow economy do not pay the costs of the examination, training, membership fees or insurance, and all these elements guarantee expert and professional performance of tax consultancy activities.

They are not required to maintain the compulsory liability insurance and thus the tax payer has no way to recover the money lost due to the incompetence of the service provider. The entire liability for any errors made by an unlicensed person falls to the tax payer.

They cannot be held accountable to the professional self-governing bodies (Disciplinary Tribunal).

They do not issue invoices for their services so there is no proof that tax consultancy services have ever been used. Additionally, the tax payer cannot claim such services as tax-deductible costs.

Those operating in the shadow economy are not bound by legal professional privilege vis-à-vis their clients.

Shadow economy players are not required to comply with the professional code of ethics and bear no responsibility for unethical conduct. .

Anyone who performs tax consultancy activities without proper authority is liable to a fine of up to PLN 50,000.

That’s why :

Ask for persons registered on the list of tax advisers. Click here to verify the license/search for a tax adviser

Demand to be shown a policy of compulsory professional liability insurance


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